Microfreight and Automobile

Orion Automobile and Freight elevators are designed using state-of-the-art technology Hyundai Elevator Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Hyundai Business Group, has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of automobile and freight elevators, the reliability and sturdiness of which have been well proven through stringent test at the factory and decade-long experience of field engineering.

Automobile elevators are designed to give great convenience to the automobile drivers by reducing the time to find parking spaces which becomes less and less available in a crowded urban life.

A wide range of models of freight elevators are designed to handle from lightweight cargoes to
heavy loads such as forklifts.
Both automobile and freight elevators are designed with Hyundai’s state-of-the-art technology
such as inverter type Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF), and a hydraulic type by using
hydraulic jack for elevator moving.

Specific Features

General type 

  • Accurate landing, smooth acceleration and deceleration, comfortable riding, low-noise operation
  • 40% energy saving (compared to conventional AC control system)
  • 40% reduction in building power requirements (compared to conventional AC control system)
  • High reliability with enhanced operation in all respects (All functions are controlled by computer and
    frequency of machine breakdown rates minimized)
  • Self-checking system built-in inside computer

Hydraulic type 

  • Smaller installation space than traction (rope) elevators require
  • Greater advantages for construction design (Because machine rooms can be made anywhere in the building except in the shaft)
  • Accurate landing and comfortable riding
  • High reliability (If power fails, the car moves down to the bottom floor automatically)
  • Enhanced safety (Safety device cuts off the flow of oil when the descending speed of car exceeds the
    pre-determined speed)